Holistic Care

*All table sessions include a steamed towel treatment and therapeutic grade essential oil aromatherapy.

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• Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu massage combines an awareness of the Chi (the natural energy                                                                                                                          within the body believed to affect physical, mental, and spiritual wellness)                                                                                                                       with stretching and applied pressure.

*Clients remain clothed during the service- a great alternative to massage                                                                                                                            for those who don’t feel comfortable removing their clothing.*

30 min = $39
45 min = $56
60 min = $70
75 min = $84
90 min = $99


• Aromatherapy

The added benefit of therapeutic grade essential oils to any massage.

Complimentary with any service.


• Ionic Cleanse Footbath

A non-invasive way to detoxify the body through the feet, the water
will change color depending on where the body is releasing the toxins
from. Beneficial to increase joint movement and pain relief, improve
sleep and increase energy.



• Ear Candling

This process helps remove excess ear wax, ringing in the ears, sinus headaches, and infection. Hollow beeswax candles are used.



• Cupping

Applying suction to the surface of the body to draw out pathogenic
factors or to invigorate blood flow at the surface of the body.

Complimentary with any service.


• Chair Massage/Shiatsu

A brief renewal session focused on a specific area.
*Onsite/Offsite for Groups*

$1.25 per minute